Why are you still here?
Thursday, September 28, 2006, 1:03 pm
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Go to  That’s my new website me harties (okay, I’m a little late for talk like a pirate day).

Change your feeds too.


And now…
Tuesday, September 12, 2006, 11:02 am
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I’ve gotten the bare-bones of my brand new website up….

I’ll be slowly adding and updating that website, and probably changing the layout further as I’m unsure how much I love the quick little sign I made.

Either way, the skeleton is there, and the updates and all bloggy goodness will be there from now on!

Hope to see you all there.  If you subscribe to the site, please subscribe to the new site via its RSS feed.

A new home (soon)
Friday, September 8, 2006, 5:41 pm
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Well, being a person who has had my own domain for years now, I find it annoying at best that I have not since the “big move” of cities.

So, I went ahead and registered myself a domain name.  I will be getting the hosting part down tonight, and hopefully will have something to show for it by Sunday (albeit not much probably).

Who’s going to follow me?

The post with no title
Tuesday, September 5, 2006, 4:20 pm
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First and foremost, a great big thank you to the wonderful Melissa over at for being my super-awesome super-secret pal these past few months! I received your final gift today and it was just wonderful!

That’s right, that’s two of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s books! Also a super-handy tool to estimate my yardage of the yarn that I spinn and two Laura Secord chocolate bars! Thanks so much Melissa, you certainly did spoil me!

I’ve been sort of half-heartedly knitting the past few days. Mostly because I’ve been thinking, and having good talks with those with lots of insight. That’s never a bad thing, even if you hear things you don’t necessarily want to hear from people you love and people who only have your best interest at heart.

That being said, I have plans. A few plans that reach their tentacles out into a few different areas of my life. Most recently though, and in the online world, (as in ongoing right now because we’re talking about it), Penny and I are discussing the changes for our beloved We’re excited, but that’s all I’m going to say right now.

As for other areas of my life, writing, knitting, photography, spinning…. I’m looking into reaching out more into those a bit. No details on that either. I’m sort of being vague, I apologize, it’s just that there’s nothing to be detailed about yet.

Needless to say though that elusive creativity I was spouting off about before seems to be coming back into my life. Maybe it never left, but it sure felt like it took an extended vacation for a while.

Monday, September 4, 2006, 12:22 pm
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I’ve been thinking a lot lately.  Thinking a lot about inspiration and creativity.

This has led me to look within myself as well.  What makes me, what makes me creative or uncreative, what inspires me or uninspires me.  The answer is: I don’t know.

I’ve become increasingly frustrated lately with several creative factors in my life.  I know that only I build walls, yadda yadda yadda, I can do anything I put my mind to, etc.  Sometimes however it seems like even if I took a sledgehammer to those walls they wouldn’t budge.  I could stare at a piece of paper for hours until my forehead bleeds and yet nothing would come.

Other times I’m walking down the street and it just strikes me all of a sudden and I do everything I can to stop myself from physically running home.

Sometimes I have all the best intentions in the world, and yet the finished product isn’t the same that I had in my head.  It’s like my hands and my brain won’t communicate (a game of telephone gone horribly awry).

I’m just typing out loud here.  Pictures later, I promise.

How is everybody’s long weekend going?

Knitting project, and why I need to not be so industrious.
Tuesday, August 29, 2006, 2:29 pm
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Here’s the current neverending knitting project (click here to read about it). As much as I’d like to be working more quickly on it, two things come to mind:

1. It’s not about speed; and
2. My wrist has been bothering me and that makes it hard for me to knit.

Not to mention, I do have that pesky honeymoon camisole redux that I’ve been working on for a month. Not to say that the pattern is pesky or the fact that it isn’t a fun, easy, and quick knit. But you know sometimes you start something and you’re so excited, then your mind changes and it just goes on the backburner? I love this cami, I want to finish it, but it’s hard for me lately to stay on any projects that are large.

Funny I say that as I begin to create something that will become massive and neverending – but really that to me is a thousand little projects – each unfinished skein is a project and once the skein is done the project is done until I join the next one.

But enough jibber-jabber, here’s the progress photo:

I need a name for the project. Badly. But I’m so poor with titles, it might take a while. Do you have a suggestion? Leave me a comment.

I plan on hurrying up that cami over the next week and hopefully finishing it. Not only will it be one thing I can check off the list, but also I’ll have a wonderful new cami to wear.

That all being said, today I woke up in a foul mood.

Okay, that’s actually a lie.

I woke up in a fine mood, but thanks to a series of unfortunate events first thing in the morning (before the caffeine had hit my system) that turned my mood sour before I had even left the house. Currently I’m feeling a little better, but my industrious project for the day has been striken from my list of things “to do”. This is not because it got done, but rather because I don’t have the patience to finish it.

See, I’m a collector of postcards. I send and receive postcards from people all over the world with the aid from a few online communities (Postcrossing, Postcardx, etc.). I’ve been collecting postcards for a few years now and have amassed quite a collection. Today I decided it’d be a good idea to scan all of the postcards and save them.

Less than halfway done and two hours later, I’m cursing my scanner for not being faster and my poor computer set up (due to the lack of a desk right now) for the pain in my neck and the fact that I’m nowhere close to being done. So that’s it, I’m not scanning my postcards. They’ll just have to stay in the analog world.

They actually generally live on my wall in a wonderful and large collage, but since the move of cities, I haven’t yet had the chance to put them all back up. That’ll get done… at some point.

I’ve prattled on enough. Now it’s time for lunch, and possibly and old movie. If I feel the urge, I might get to sewing that skirt today.

A little story
Monday, August 28, 2006, 9:23 pm
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Today whilst sitting at work and doing the most mundane and repetative task you can imagine (which I had been subjected to all day), all of a suddent the muzak station that was on droning out the hum of the florescent lights started playing “Brazil”.  I know not which version it was (although it was one of the numerous unsung versions), but I know that song when I hear it.

It was an incredibly weird moment (have you seen the movie?  If so you get it.  If not, you should see it).

Tomorrow: knitting updates, and Kelly tries her hand at sewing from a pattern for the first time in her life (in order to make wearable clothes).