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Monday, June 26, 2006, 6:25 pm
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It is way too damned hot here. Way too hot.

There’s nothing worse than hot, humid oppressive heat, except hot, humid, oppressive, poor air quality heat. In fact, I heard somebody say the other day “you know, Vancouver has pretty good air quality!”. Ya, perhaps when in comparison to Toronto and L.A., but that doesn’t make it “not bad”. In fact, when I can see the smog hanging over the river, yes, then I would consider it bad.

That being said, I’ll be extremely happy when I move and the air will be (shocking!) clean! I will be able not to feel like there’s five pounds resting on my chest.

You’ll have to excuse me, I don’t fare well in heat (must be the red hair and the lack of pigment in my skin) not to mention, I just had what I thought would be my last visit to the dentist and I found out that I have to go one more time to get a bunch of fillings that will probably require several needles in my mouth not to mention a severe dent in my wallet.

Did I mention I’ve been to the dentist four times in two months? Go to the dentist kids, don’t put it off, believe me, it’s not worth it.

PS – I’m moving in 20 days.  New city, new adventures.


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SERIOUSLY. it’s not just you. it’s so freaking hot! luckily, it’s supposed to be cooler in seattle, where i’m going for a conference. just have to survive afternoon volunteering at the boys and girls’ club oven bunker. great kids, but hot building! i had to go to the dentist 2 days in a row a couple weeks ago to get fillings done. not fun. and i go regularly! i don’t know what happened! i also went for a consultation with a different oral surgeon today (the other one was scary), and it went ok. wow so much dental fun.

i went to my garden plot tonight for 15 minutes and got 24 new mosquito bites on my legs. whee.

Comment by Ariane

You will need to send me your new address! I’ll wait to post your next package.

Comment by SP

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