The Future
Friday, June 30, 2006, 11:23 am
Filed under: Digression, Photos/Photography

Dental appointments done? Check.

…. Well, at least for a bit. Five visits in one month has been hard on my psyche, but I still have some cavities that need to get filled. The unfortunate bit is, my dental plan is running out, and on top of that, I’m moving so the awesome dentist I just discovered won’t be at my disposal anymore.

I have some cavities that still need filling however, but I’ll have to sort out finances with that later. Cavities are expensive, but at least he showed me how to brush properly.

In other excellent news, I’ve found out that there is indeed a darkroom rental place in the town that I’m moving to. Considering the town has only 10,000 people, I’m pleasently surprised. It’s actually located within a youth centre, but I’m a youth… sort of. Regardless I’m sure I can use it, so I’m waiting to hear back from them since I emailed them, but if this all works out, my plan to start up a small photography business (doing portraiture or what have you) will work out beautifully

And, just so this isn’t completely pictureless:

Soon, I will no longer see these towering skyscrapers, which I cannot say, I’m going to miss.


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