Monday, July 3, 2006, 1:13 pm
Filed under: Photos/Photography

I used to be a photographer, I really, really did.

I have hundreds (if not thousands) of negatives to prove it too. My flickr page used to once house tons of photographs. Then I let my pay account expire and of course you can’t see half of them.

Not to mention I haven’t taken proper photographs in a very, very long time. Far too long, and I miss my cameras.

Look, I can even prove it, I took this photo myself:

I guess what I’m saying is, along with my plans to hopefully start up a small photography business when I move, I also am just really looking forward to the time I’ll have to just enjoy myself with my cameras again. I miss that feeling when you look at the final print and are so happy that it turned out the way you wanted (or better!). I can see all the places in my head that I can’t wait to go to when I move.

I’m really looking forward to being inspired again.


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What do you mean “used to be”? you still are!

Comment by Marilyn

Haha, ya, I guess I still am! I just haven’t felt like it at all lately, and it’s really got a bug up my ass!

Comment by Kelly

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