Shaping the gusset
Thursday, July 6, 2006, 9:32 pm
Filed under: Knitting, Photos/Photography

Here’s the slipper for my mom. I’m a horrible daughter, but I swear it’s coming along.

It’s so damned hard to find time between moving, working, and then trying to knit. Damned near impossible.

The moving is going well however. I just realized today that I really only have like ten days left before it’s all ready to go (supposedly) and I’m off. Ten days. It’s seems almost impossible, but so exciting! I’ve been talking to people about darkrooms in my new city, I’ve been scouting out places to get supplies. It’s all falling into place, oh yes.

Also, in response to my lamentation the previous entry, I shot off two rolls of film on a whim yesterday. It felt really damned good to do something like that, especially because I’ve been so absent from my cameras. My cameras are like my limbs, take them away and they still itch.


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As stressfull as moving can be this seems to be the right thing for you right now!

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