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Monday, July 10, 2006, 6:18 pm
Filed under: Digression, Photos/Photography

Slowly getting rid of my stuff?  Check.

Doing the bare minimum at work since its my last week?  Check.

Feeling like I’m ready to move cities in a week?  No.

I know I am ready, but until I actually see stuff out of my house I won’t feel like it’s done.  Then I look at all the boxes we (and most of them are in fact mine – but in my defense its mostly photography equipment, art supplies and books/CDs/DVDs) have and go “cripes, how will this fit in the truck, and how will it not fly all over the Hope-Princeton Highway at 90 KMH”.

But I suppose we’ll find out all about that.

But it’s a new adventure that I have, one that will afford me time to pursue leisure activities, work my way into IATSE, and allow me  to hopefully build up a photography business.

Oh yes, and take lots of pictures to document the next coming weeks of extreme life-alteringedness.

And now, I have laundry to fold.


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I’m so jealous of you! I dream of moving to another city but I feel like I have too many attachments here and don’t think I could ever bring myself to do it. Good for you though, I’m excited! 🙂

Comment by Marilyn

Hey there – we are actually doing our Nelson visit the weekend before you move there – I will check out Maple Rose and That Craft Store to see what the yarn supply is like. I imagine that you won’t be spending any time on Highway 97 during the actual move, but if you decide to visit Kelowna, drop me an email and dinner will be on me at a winery of your choice.

Comment by Ladylungdoc

Ladylungdoc – I think my favourite out of the three yarn stores is My Knitting Corner. I found the service there excellent AND they have a great selection of fabrics as well. Unfortunately we won’t be passing through Kelowna ;).

Marilyn – You can do it too! It’s not really that hard, it’s just better to give yourself more than 4 weeks, which was all I got.

Comment by Kelly

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