The slipper
Friday, July 21, 2006, 12:35 pm
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The slipper will be done by tomorrow come hell or high water!

I say tomorrow because I still have my tapestry needles and whatnot in the bed of the truck and I may not feel like getting them out until tomorrow. But I’ve begun shaping the toe, so the end is definitely only an hour or so away.

I forgot to mention this in my last post, but during the second day of travel, when we woke up in Hope, within 30 mins of me crawling out of bed I get stung by a damned wasp! Good news, I didn’t die. Better news, B. acted quick as can be, killed the wasp, and then mushed up some aspirin, put it on the sting, and to my surprise it worked! The pain didn’t disappear, but it was a lot less worse than it was seconds before.

I mention this only because for 20 years I managed to not get stung by anything, and then twice in one summer I get stung by a wasp. Both times because they were hiding in my clothes. Damned sneaky wasps.

Also, I love the Okanagan. It’s way too bloody hot, hotter than it is here, but I love the sagebrush and the brown hills spotted with green.

The above photo was taken outside of Osoyoos, possibly the hottest place in all of Canada.


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Comment by che l

Yeah, but it’s a dry heat…

Comment by Ladylungdoc

A dry heat is way better than humidity…

Comment by Kelly

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