Knitting project, and why I need to not be so industrious.
Tuesday, August 29, 2006, 2:29 pm
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Here’s the current neverending knitting project (click here to read about it). As much as I’d like to be working more quickly on it, two things come to mind:

1. It’s not about speed; and
2. My wrist has been bothering me and that makes it hard for me to knit.

Not to mention, I do have that pesky honeymoon camisole redux that I’ve been working on for a month. Not to say that the pattern is pesky or the fact that it isn’t a fun, easy, and quick knit. But you know sometimes you start something and you’re so excited, then your mind changes and it just goes on the backburner? I love this cami, I want to finish it, but it’s hard for me lately to stay on any projects that are large.

Funny I say that as I begin to create something that will become massive and neverending – but really that to me is a thousand little projects – each unfinished skein is a project and once the skein is done the project is done until I join the next one.

But enough jibber-jabber, here’s the progress photo:

I need a name for the project. Badly. But I’m so poor with titles, it might take a while. Do you have a suggestion? Leave me a comment.

I plan on hurrying up that cami over the next week and hopefully finishing it. Not only will it be one thing I can check off the list, but also I’ll have a wonderful new cami to wear.

That all being said, today I woke up in a foul mood.

Okay, that’s actually a lie.

I woke up in a fine mood, but thanks to a series of unfortunate events first thing in the morning (before the caffeine had hit my system) that turned my mood sour before I had even left the house. Currently I’m feeling a little better, but my industrious project for the day has been striken from my list of things “to do”. This is not because it got done, but rather because I don’t have the patience to finish it.

See, I’m a collector of postcards. I send and receive postcards from people all over the world with the aid from a few online communities (Postcrossing, Postcardx, etc.). I’ve been collecting postcards for a few years now and have amassed quite a collection. Today I decided it’d be a good idea to scan all of the postcards and save them.

Less than halfway done and two hours later, I’m cursing my scanner for not being faster and my poor computer set up (due to the lack of a desk right now) for the pain in my neck and the fact that I’m nowhere close to being done. So that’s it, I’m not scanning my postcards. They’ll just have to stay in the analog world.

They actually generally live on my wall in a wonderful and large collage, but since the move of cities, I haven’t yet had the chance to put them all back up. That’ll get done… at some point.

I’ve prattled on enough. Now it’s time for lunch, and possibly and old movie. If I feel the urge, I might get to sewing that skirt today.


A little story
Monday, August 28, 2006, 9:23 pm
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Today whilst sitting at work and doing the most mundane and repetative task you can imagine (which I had been subjected to all day), all of a suddent the muzak station that was on droning out the hum of the florescent lights started playing “Brazil”.  I know not which version it was (although it was one of the numerous unsung versions), but I know that song when I hear it.

It was an incredibly weird moment (have you seen the movie?  If so you get it.  If not, you should see it).

Tomorrow: knitting updates, and Kelly tries her hand at sewing from a pattern for the first time in her life (in order to make wearable clothes).

I have a plan (undertaking a knitting project)
Wednesday, August 23, 2006, 9:20 am
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I was inspired by a project started by Germaine Koh’s “Knitwork” which she has been working on for 14 years, and the idea of freeform knitting and I wanted to do something like it in my own way. See, I’m a big believer that knitting is art. Even if you’re only knitting a scarf, look at it as art, and it’ll become it. Then of course, there are far more outlandish ways to create art with knitting, and that is what I intend to do.

The themes: knitting as memory, knitting as art, knitting as unstoppable.

Knitting as memory – each thing that you knit is a snapshot of you at that point in time. It is a piece of work that demonstrates not only your skill, but your favourite colours and you at that exact point in time.

Knitting as art – Knitting can be whatever you make it. Something to warm a loved one, something to share, something to create just for the sake of creating it. To me, it’s art.

Knitting as unstoppable – Once you become a knitter I’m a firm believer that you don’t ever stop. You’re a knitter for life, even if you may take a break for a few years.

What I intend to do is give every odd-ball a home that I can. I want to create something huge, in a freeform knitting style, made completely out of oddballs and the ends of balls/skeins/hanks/whatever. That yarn that you have sitting in your stash that you have no clue what to do with because there isn’t enough to do anything with, I want to take and incorporate into this huge piece of work.

If anybody decides they want to donate they’re odds ‘n ends, I will take tags and affix them to all the areas of the freeform knit with the name, address (email or otherwise), and location of the person that donated that yarn. I want the whole world represented here.

I have already started on this project with my own odds ‘n ends. There will always be knitting done on it, and I never plan to actually bind it off or have needles not on it. I want to continue on with it until I’m 80 years old and sitting on a veranda with this massive piece of work.

If you’re interested in helping out, please leave a message here with your email address. The comments are moderated, so if you don’t want your email address on the website, please just say so in the comment and I will edit it out.

Thank you in advance to all of those who wish to help.

It’s still very small, but here’s the beginning:

Picture time!
Tuesday, August 22, 2006, 5:17 pm
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Huzzah, the cable has arrived and I have photographs to show you all.

This is going to be image heavy. You’ve been warned (although I can’t imagine there are many people still on dial-up?).

Above is the wonderful gift from my SP 2 that I received a while ago. Pictured are green hand-dyed silk hankies, a new spindle, and some wonderful brown fleece, which has since been spun (see below). Not pictured: chocolate which I’ve eaten.

Skeins that I’ve spun! All are 2-ply. Left to right: 100% fleece (thanks SP!), 50% corridale/50% fleece, and the last two are 100% corridale. All were done with a drop spindle because I don’t have a spinning wheel. Yet.

The beautiful merino roving I got from a local store. They have racks of this stuff in so many colors. They also have silk, mohair, and corridale. I love it. They sell it per 100g so you can get as much or little as you want.

100% wild silk also from the same store mentioned above. I couldn’t even capture how awesome the colours are, but you get the idea.

Perdita – Lilacs, from Knitty Summer 2006. I’m in love with these and now I can’t stop making them. This is made with 100% hemp yarn that is locally made.

The cool thing with living in an artsy fartsy town is that there are lots of local artisans making some cool stuff.

Also, stay tuned for a knitting project that I’ve started working on in an update tomorrow.

Friday, August 18, 2006, 10:19 am
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I’ve been obscenely quiet lately, haven’t I?

Well, without my camera I feel as though I don’t have much to say on here. I think my form of communication has always been best via visual means. Perhaps that’s why I motion with my hands when I can’t find the words.

Anyhow, I started a new job, blah blah blah. Not a bad little job. It’s right across the street which is very nice. I’m the purchaser and general art-store junkie for a store. I get to look at and buy stuff and get paid for it, awesome? Yes. B. recently got a new job as well, one that he really wanted, so we’re all pretty set up in the job department.

Also, I was patient but refused to be patient anymore. See, there’s this rental place here, and they have something like 18,000 different movies (seriously). So when the second season of Carinvale (my favourite show of all time) came out on the 18th of July I assumed they would have it. They did, but they refused to rent it. See, there was nothing wrong with their copy, the owner just didn’t want to put it out because he had not recieved season one yet and didn’t want people to “ruin it for themselves”.

To that I said “but I’ve seen season one, I will give you money if you let me rent it now”. (this is where I will add that I’ve seen season one many times and have been dying for season two for about two years now).

Still, no.

What is so wrong with a business that they refuse to take your money? It’s baffling to me. So I ended up having to find other means of watching it, and finally I’ve seen it all. Damn you HBO for cancelling it and leaving so many loose plot points. What am I supposed to do now not knowing what the hell will happen? Bastards.

Now that I’ve let that steam off a bit, today is my day to “do stuff”. Not fun stuff, no (although I will fit in possibly a viewing of “Sin City”). Laundry stuff, kitchen stuff, stuff stuff. Stuff that I’ve been leaving until I had a day off (that’s today).

You know you’re a full-fledged adult when you’re day off entails you to do errands all day. Of course, I’m not yet a full-fledged adult (and quite possibly never will be, at least in that sense) and I’m sure I’ll put off some stuff until my next day off (which, fortunately, is only another day away).

Spinning and knitting, oh my!
Thursday, August 10, 2006, 2:13 pm
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So I’m glad to say that at least my money wasn’t wasted, as a through search has not yielded my camera cable. However I’m secretly pissed off too because I have a lot of photos I want to put on my computer.

That being said, I’ve decided that I really freaking want a spinning wheel. Really badly. There’s a generalized antique/junk store by my house and they have three for sale. Of course they’re technically “antique” making them far more expensive than they should be, but that’s not the point (and I doubt they’re even that antique!). The point is, I want a spinning wheel.

I’ve made three skeins of yarn, 2-ply which I will have photos of shortly within the past week. Two of these were partially made up of wool already spun, but another was done completely within a few days time. I’ve been a spinning fiend, partially in thanks to my wonderful SP who sent me the gorgeous fleece and the wonderful brand new drop spindle which makes spinning just so much easier.

I also splurged yesterday because I got a new job. A job that pays more than my old one, and is arguably much better than my old one as my main job title won’t be “cashier”. Head cashier or not, it’s a shitty job!

But back to what I splurged on. I bought some beautiful teal merino roving and some wild silk (meaning the silk worms were actually wild) dyed in greens and reds and oranges. Pictures, I swear, will follow.

I was going to write more, but the thunder and lightening is telling me that I should turn off my computer for now.

Stay tuned for photos!

Screw it…
Monday, August 7, 2006, 10:58 am
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I searched high and low for that damned camera cable, and I can’t find it. So, I just bought a new one instead. It’s off of ebay though, so it’ll be a bit longer until I have it at my disposal.

That being said, out of all of my camera equipment (the lenses, the 20-odd cameras) I’m glad that’s the thing went missing.

More awesomeness about my place: I’m sandwiched between two bakeries and a coffee roaster. Yesterday it smelled like fresh cookies, and then last night it smelled like roasting coffee. Much better than the rotting garbage smell of Vancouver.

I’ve come to the realization that living in this smaller town is much like living in Mt. Pleasant in Vancouver. Mt. Pleasant is the one area left in Vancouver that has any sort of personality or heart left in it. It was like living in my own little community, I could walk down the street and meet people yet, there were cool shops and everything I needed within walking distance. That’s just what Nelson is like and I like it. And it’s quiet here at night. In Vancouver it was cars and idiots all night long, here I can hear the crickets and owls and see bats coming out and catching bugs at twilight.

I just needed to get away from the city life for a while (born and raised in big ones…). Big cities will be in my life again in the future – hopefully out east – but right now it’s real nice being away from one.