Thursday, August 3, 2006, 4:05 pm
Filed under: Digression, Knitting

So I’m more or less settled… meaning I’m moved in and the essentials are out, but unfortunately there are still bits and pieces that I just cannot find at all.

However, I am enjoying my apartment in a building built 95 years ago. Top floor. Big bright sunny windows with lots of room for planty goodness (also a bit enough outdoor sill to house a little window box with some herbs!!). We have a chair… B. and I like to eye it sneakily and try to make it to the chair before the other does (all in good fun of course). Our little kitchen is little, but it’s bigger than the last one so what more can we ask?

I wanted to grace my blog with photos of the neat old building, the film noir-esque hallways and the creepy basement, but alas, I can’t seem to find my damned cable that connects to my camera. I know I have it, I remember grabbing it, it’s just lost beneath a sea of boxes and odds and ends.

That ALL being said, I received a gorgeous gift from my secret pal! A wonderful new spindle, some beautiful green silk hankies and some gorgeous brown fleece (which is already getting spun!). There was also chocolate which I promptly pigged out on (although I did manage to save some for a future date).

My own computer is still out of commission, I need to get a monitor as I left my other one in Vancouver. Monday that will happen, and hopefully I’ll happen upon the rest of my computer stuff stored away somewhere. Until then, it’s B.’s little laptop for me.

Now, I’m off for a night of barbequing, and then off to a job interview tomorrow (conviniently located across the street from where I live).

Think good thoughts!


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I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your new digs and that your package arrived safely!

Comment by SP

Find that cable! I wanna see pictures. 🙂

Comment by Marilyn

kelly! wow, somehow i failed to realize that i was no longer reading your full blog on my lj friends page! what with that?

do you have any idea how to do that thing so that non-lj blogs show up on your friends page? i must figure it out!

ps. i am itching to see photos of this place, in my imagination, it is looking pretty nice!

Comment by ariane

I promise pictures guys!

Ariane – we’ll see what I can figure out! Do you have a paid account?

Comment by Kelly

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