Picture time!
Tuesday, August 22, 2006, 5:17 pm
Filed under: Knitting, Spinning

Huzzah, the cable has arrived and I have photographs to show you all.

This is going to be image heavy. You’ve been warned (although I can’t imagine there are many people still on dial-up?).

Above is the wonderful gift from my SP 2 that I received a while ago. Pictured are green hand-dyed silk hankies, a new spindle, and some wonderful brown fleece, which has since been spun (see below). Not pictured: chocolate which I’ve eaten.

Skeins that I’ve spun! All are 2-ply. Left to right: 100% fleece (thanks SP!), 50% corridale/50% fleece, and the last two are 100% corridale. All were done with a drop spindle because I don’t have a spinning wheel. Yet.

The beautiful merino roving I got from a local store. They have racks of this stuff in so many colors. They also have silk, mohair, and corridale. I love it. They sell it per 100g so you can get as much or little as you want.

100% wild silk also from the same store mentioned above. I couldn’t even capture how awesome the colours are, but you get the idea.

Perdita – Lilacs, from Knitty Summer 2006. I’m in love with these and now I can’t stop making them. This is made with 100% hemp yarn that is locally made.

The cool thing with living in an artsy fartsy town is that there are lots of local artisans making some cool stuff.

Also, stay tuned for a knitting project that I’ve started working on in an update tomorrow.


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The Perdita – Lilacs from Knitty are very pretty indeed. Yours looks very nicely knit. Do you make these for yourself, or also as gifts? I would like to make some for my daughter and appreciate the link.


Comment by firefly8868

Thanks firefly!

This one is for somebody, but I plan on making quite a few for myself as well (and for others). It only a takes two hours to make, and I bet you it could be made even quicker.

Comment by Kelly

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