Friday, August 18, 2006, 10:19 am
Filed under: Digression, Film

I’ve been obscenely quiet lately, haven’t I?

Well, without my camera I feel as though I don’t have much to say on here. I think my form of communication has always been best via visual means. Perhaps that’s why I motion with my hands when I can’t find the words.

Anyhow, I started a new job, blah blah blah. Not a bad little job. It’s right across the street which is very nice. I’m the purchaser and general art-store junkie for a store. I get to look at and buy stuff and get paid for it, awesome? Yes. B. recently got a new job as well, one that he really wanted, so we’re all pretty set up in the job department.

Also, I was patient but refused to be patient anymore. See, there’s this rental place here, and they have something like 18,000 different movies (seriously). So when the second season of Carinvale (my favourite show of all time) came out on the 18th of July I assumed they would have it. They did, but they refused to rent it. See, there was nothing wrong with their copy, the owner just didn’t want to put it out because he had not recieved season one yet and didn’t want people to “ruin it for themselves”.

To that I said “but I’ve seen season one, I will give you money if you let me rent it now”. (this is where I will add that I’ve seen season one many times and have been dying for season two for about two years now).

Still, no.

What is so wrong with a business that they refuse to take your money? It’s baffling to me. So I ended up having to find other means of watching it, and finally I’ve seen it all. Damn you HBO for cancelling it and leaving so many loose plot points. What am I supposed to do now not knowing what the hell will happen? Bastards.

Now that I’ve let that steam off a bit, today is my day to “do stuff”. Not fun stuff, no (although I will fit in possibly a viewing of “Sin City”). Laundry stuff, kitchen stuff, stuff stuff. Stuff that I’ve been leaving until I had a day off (that’s today).

You know you’re a full-fledged adult when you’re day off entails you to do errands all day. Of course, I’m not yet a full-fledged adult (and quite possibly never will be, at least in that sense) and I’m sure I’ll put off some stuff until my next day off (which, fortunately, is only another day away).